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Volume 14, Issue No 7, Circulation: under revision, 15th July 2014
Next Issue: 15th Aug 2014

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Ambition is the path to success.
Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.

Bill Bradley


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  • Today's Feature Article
  • 10 Things Unsuccessful People Say
    Jon Rhodes

    If you find yourself saying these things, STOP Ė before itís too lateÖ

    How you talk (to yourself and others) is vital for your success. Do you say the right things?

    Hereís what to avoid saying (the best one is at the end BTW)Ö

    * It canít be done

    Unsuccessful people say things canít be done. History is littered with people who did things that couldnít be done. In order to be successful you often have to innovate. You cannot innovate without believing you can do something that hasnít been done before.

    * I canítÖ

    Donít let your abilities stop you. Learn a new skill, or hire someone to do it. Bill Gates stopped programming in the 80's, and paid more talented programmers to do it for him.

    * I can do it all myself

    Maybe you can, but if you do, you are likely to become a one man band running a small business. Sometimes you need to outsource to specialists who are better than you at certain tasks.

    * Donít trust anyone

    Trust is vital when running a business. Lack of trust will hold you back. You will be too fearful to do anything.

    You must trust employees if you want to get the best out of them. You must trust customers not to abuse guarantees. And you must trust in your own abilities.

    * Iím frightened of criticism

    If you become successful, you WILL receive criticism. Someone will disagree with something you do. Listen and learn, but donít let it stop you pursuing your plan of action.

    * Iím right, youíre wrong

    You canít be right ALL the time. It doesnít make you look weak admitting youíre wrong. It makes you look strong. It also gives you the opportunity to learn from other peoplesí experiences.

    * I like to please everyone

    Many people fail because they try to please everyone. If you do then you are likely to get nowhere. For example, people in your life will probably want you to play safe and get a ďproper jobĒ. If you please them you wonít go far.

    Everyone has there differing opinions as to what you should do. Listen to them, but find your own way.

    * Itís too risky

    You canít be successful without taking some risks. Donít be reckless, but be prepared to take a chance.

    * Itís not my fault

    Thereís nothing wrong with things going wrong Ė at least youíre trying. Things ALWAYS go wrong. Learn from them and laugh at them. Itís how you handle them that counts. If you are fearful of mistakes, then you will be too afraid to try new things.

    Also if you donít take responsibility for things going wrong, then it implies that those around you are wrong. This is not the way to build team unity.

    * Iíll be successful one day

    ďOne dayĒ never happens. Convince yourself you are successful NOW, and be grateful for all you have, and all youíve achieved.

    ******************************** Jon Rhodes: Thanks for reading! I am a clinical hypnotherapist, musician, author, and internet marketer. I would love to stay in touch. Please sign up for instant delivery of my latest blog posts via email. UPDATE! For a limited time I will give you a free copy of my book (worth $ 29) Alternative Guide To Affilite Marketing. Please click below to sign up.

    Want to learn how to think successfully? Click below and check out thius post ďYou Must Believe To AchieveĒ

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    10 Things Unsuccessful People Say Jon Rhodes

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    • Today's Tip On the Opportunity Worth Checking
      HOT: Submit Your Affiliate Summit West 2015 Speaking Proposal


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