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Volume 12, Issue No 25, Circulation: under revision, 16th Dec 2012
Next Issue: 30th Dec 2012

With 'Pathway To Success' you are receiving only top information, reliable and proven resources vital for your success and profitability, never anything just to make a couple of dollars at your expense. However, to make full use of the resources, get fast ahead of your competition and have your business and profits grow, you should read, apply and follow the information you receive.

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  • Today's Feature Article
  • Go Back And Live Life Over Again
    Mark Ivar Myhre

    Can you really go back in time and live life over again?

    And this time GET IT RIGHT?

    I'll let you decide...

    You already know that from the ages of 0 to 5, you were constantly soaking up information.

    Everything - ALL input - was accepted without question. All on a subconscious level.

    Because we lacked the ability to evaluate. Our conscious mind simply had not yet developed enough to determine "this is good" and "that is bad".

    In this early stage of life, you were being programmed.

    The greatest influence, of course, was your mother.

    Think back for a second - what do you suppose mom believed about her feelings?

    Did she view them as grand and glorious gifts? Powerful expressions of her divine nature?

    Did she understand how truly VALUABLE it is to develop a healthy, mature relationship with WHATEVER she was feeling?

    I think we both know the answer to those questions...

    Now, keep in mind, until the age of about two years old, you felt whatever mom felt. When she was happy; you were happy. When she was scared; you were scared. When she was sad; you were sad.

    Your emotional responses formed and shaped themselves long before you could think about whether or not they were the ones you wanted. You had no choice in the matter.

    Patterns were laid.

    Programs were formed.

    Neurological pathways of least effort were created in your brain. Patterns that most likely exist to this very day.

    After the age of 5 or 6 - as you learned to reason and think for yourself - you may have changed some of those patterns. Perhaps you flipped them around, so now you do the exact opposite.

    But that's simply the other side of the same coin - and mother's influence lives on in your brain and in your life.

    Those first five years are critical to your life TODAY, for several reasons. 1. At that age, you couldn't evaluate.

    Everything was accepted as fact. You didn't get to decide what to believe and what not to believe. You had no way of knowing if what you were about to believe was true or not.

    You didn't have the ability to question ANYTHING.

    For example -

    At this young age, you couldn't possibly associate a spanking with errant behavior.

    You could be trained - but no one ever learns and grows in a positive way from punishment. Especially a small child.

    Instead, the pain of punishment became internalized. And you could easily come to believe love equals pain.

    Because, first of all, there will always be some love between a mother and child. The love always exists.

    But so often, there's also pain. Either by direct punishment, or by indirect means such as withholding affection.

    Mother's disapproval comes in many forms.

    And that's not to mention the downright fatigue and hormone changes and mood swings and angry outbursts and all the other stuff that comes with the VERY difficult task of being a mother!

    It's almost impossible to be loving all the time. No matter how hard she tried. But that rage she forgot in a few hours lives on in you today.

    You were a blank slate. Soaking up everything like a sponge. And the most INTENSE feelings created the BIGGEST impact and the most POWERFUL programs. Programs you may be living out today and every day of your life.

    Age does not diminish them one bit.

    This stands as one of many examples of what happens during those critical early years when you're unable to evaluate and rationalize what's happening to you.

    2. Beliefs build on previous beliefs.

    Let's say you believe - as many people do - that love equals pain. And you formed this belief at an early age - when you were a blank slate.

    It became a foundational belief. A fundamental belief. Locked in by intense feelings of sadness, hurt, confusion and perhaps even memories of physical pain.

    Now every other belief around love will rest upon that first belief about love. Plus, every subsequent belief about PAIN will also rest upon that belief.

    So not only will it influence the pain of love - but also the LOVE of PAIN! Love and pain become intertwined.

    Beliefs are stored in the subconscious mind. Your subconscious seeks CONSISTENCY above all else. It doesn't give you what you say you want - it gives you whatever is consistent with the beliefs you ALREADY hold.

    Remember, those beliefs you learned about love and pain were accepted as the Gospel Truth.

    Reality follows belief. YOUR reality follows YOUR beliefs.

    The more intense the feelings around a particular belief, the more influence that belief has in your life and the more likely it will continue to manifest in your reality.

    And when you're a small child - EVERYTHING is intense!

    Are you beginning to see how much impact those early beliefs have on your present condition today?

    And why it's really not your fault if you're going through a ton of emotional pain now?

    Not only is love painful...

    But for so many of us, we're ATTRACTED to pain - in a failed attempt to feel love.

    All because of a faulty belief.

    Made by a two-year-old.

    Unable to be reasoned away.

    Reinforced in concrete by intense pain.

    Influencing every single action we take today.

    No matter how hard we try, change seems impossible. Because we're standing on a foundation of "love = pain".

    And now it's like trying to plant flowers on barren soil.

    "Why can't I grow beautiful roses?"

    "Why does my life seem so miserable when I'm trying so hard?"

    Because of the foundation that seems rock-solid; written in stone.

    As you think about what I'm saying - as you really let it in - it's normal to feel a little overwhelmed by just how serious the problem really is.

    I know when it first hit me, I wanted to give up.

    "It's hopeless!"

    "I can't possibly fight it or change it - so I'm just going to give up."

    And I did - for a very long time. I withdrew. I stopped trying in so many ways. I quit participating in life.

    I over-achieved at under-achieving.

    Which only made things worse.

    The pain spread - as pain always does when you ignore it.

    It's so sad, really. Because I didn't know what to do.

    At the time, basically all I knew was I had created beliefs that severely limited what I could achieve in my life.

    I didn't yet know those beliefs could be changed with relative ease. I thought beliefs anchored themselves in 'concrete'. Untouchable. Unchangeable. Unable to be overcome.

    I didn't yet know where to find my beliefs and how to change them. I believed changing beliefs was impossible. At least for me.

    And finally, I didn't yet know changing beliefs comes from following a process - a specific set of steps involving:

    (1) removing the old belief

    (2) releasing the old emotional energy

    (3) inserting a new belief in the 'slot' that the old belief occupied

    (4) anchoring the new belief with ANY feelings I wanted!

    For the new belief to 'stick' - it must carefully conform to certain rules and restrictions. I still don't know exactly why; I just know it does.

    I don't have all the answers. But I do know what WORKS.

    I spent years working with the belief changing technique - making it as foolproof as possible.

    Finally, a few months ago, I recorded it onto an audio file.

    It takes about thirty minutes to listen to it all the way through. Which may seem like a long time if you don't truly understand what a change it can make in your life.

    It's like being able to go back into the past and live life over again. Only this time getting it right.

    Because YOU get to CONSCIOUSLY DECIDE what to believe!

    It's a way to rewrite the rules your life must follow. You can change that negative programming that others put into you.

    But don't take my word for it. Get the recording and use it. It WILL change your life for the better.

    I offer it as a free bonus. It comes with the program on "How To Create Your Own Reality". Click here.

    You'll also learn about love itself, and joy and happiness, and so much more when you click the link here.

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