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Volume 12, Issue No 8, Circulation: under revision, 22nd April 2012
Next Issue: 6th May 2012

With 'Pathway To Success' you are receiving only top information, reliable and proven resources vital for your success and profitability, never anything just to make a couple of dollars at your expense. However, to make full use of the resources, get fast ahead of your competition and have your business and profits grow, you should read, apply and follow the information you receive.

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There is only one success:
to be able to spend your life in your own way.

Christopher Morley


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In what is perhaps the most shocking announcement made in some time regarding the vast world of the Internet, a New York doctor has just released a very private "secret" he's been using since the earliest days of targeted paid advertising at search engines.

He admitted without hesitation that he's gotten over $87 million in pay-per-click advertising over the last nearly 8 years at such search engines as Google&trade,; Overture, MSN, Yahoo and others, and resulting in his having amassed a $300 million fortune!

In the past 2 years alone he's netted over $166 million as a result of what he calls a very simple "oversight" promoters online have altogether missed.

So valuable this "oversight" has proven that he's finally decided to share it with the rest of us.

And his timing couldn't be better!...

  • Since going public Google's ads haven't become any cheaper!
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    But with rising costs this is getting much, much harder, and has literally seen the demise of many, many affiliate businesses go completely under.

    But now with the release of this New Englander's super-secret, webmasters, promoters, both big and small business owners, as well as affiliates with shoestring budgets are back in the game!

    When asked why he kept this "oversight" secret, the New Yorker responded "I knew I had a good thing, quite possibly a monopoly over any market I cared to try ... I made a success of 16 web businesses in less than a decade ... do you honestly blame me? ..."

    But now he's decided to share his know-how as he knows that doing so doesn't take a single dollar away from his $300 million fortune, and it won't cause widespread usage to the degree that it will even put a dent in search engine activity.

    To be sure the good doctor had the sense to consult several Internet experts and "macroeconomists" just to be on the safe side.

    Additionally, you should know that nothing about his secret either robs search engines (so you don't have to fear Google trade ; coming after you!) or is anything about it illegal in any other way.

    What you may even find strangely surprising about his secret is the fact that it actually "helps" search engines make even more money! (You'll have to see it for yourself to understand how this is actually possible!)

    So if you think you're smarter than most people, then here's your chance to prove it to everybody else! Just grab the good doctor's secret for yourself by clicking here.

    But I feel it only fair to warn you that this doctor fellow from New England is a tad eccentric and self-admittedly "moody" and he's threatened to withdraw this secret at some point soon without so much as a single day's notice ... (Northerners!)

    So if I were you I'd not take any chances because although he may keep it available for the next 2 months, he may also take it off the market just 2 days from now (and then you'll kick yourself saying "Dad-gummit! I knew I should have grabbed that when I had the chance!" ... so don't let this happen).

    Also keep this in mind...

    How many times since the commercial release of the Worldwide-Web have you seen sudden "breakthroughs" of great fortune-making potential come and go where just a few people were in the right place at the right time to be able to take advantage of them? You're right ... very, very few.

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    Irena Whitfield Sincerely,

    Irena Whitfield
    Your Publisher

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  • Today's Feature Article
  • Present and Future of Podcasting
    Rob Greenlee

    Podcasting is becoming mature after almost 7 years now and it is starting to be taken for granted - not unlike broadcast radio or TV. It is interesting as awareness of podcasts still have not quite reached half of the online user base, yet podcasting still feels mature in many ways. I also know that it is clearly early days for podcasting and it needs to evolve.

    The days of podcasting hype in the media are clearly over. It must be the fact that it is not as new now and online social media activities are dominating the attention cycles now. I have been working on platform distribution (Melodeo Mobilcast and Microsoft Zune) of podcast media content for almost 5 years. It is amazing that I have been able to build a 5 year professional career on podcasting. I am continuing to see podcast content growth and much podfading as well. Podfading is a common life-span issue as many podcasts start and then slowly or abruptly stop producing new episodes or just shut down entirely. Yet, the new ones contine to come in to fill those faded.

    It is unclear about the growth in audience for podcasts in the absence of significant online and traditional media buzz. We still seem to have much confusion about what a podcast is still with a large portion of the online population. I believe that one significant trend that is hindering the growth of podcasting is the resurgence of online media streaming via content provider website or apps and the difficulty of getting easy access. I think that podcasts have matured on the distribution side and have leveled off. The reason for this leveling off is because new people are just not hearing about podcasts as much and the medium has already reached those that own a portable media player and have an interest in consuming audio and video content from an RSS feed. Sure, we are coming into a time when new smart phones have the ability to obtain and playback podcasts right on the handsets. This is a still rather undeveloped area, but will be getting better over the next few years. The new Windows Phone 7 devices will support Zune podcasts as part of the core mobile OS.

    Yet, the future growth lies in two new areas. One is for video podcasts and that is reaching the large TV screen in the home. For video podcasts, the key to continued growth for many years to come is free and paid subscriptions that enable automatic notification of either the download of new episodes and or the availability to stream a new video episode to any device that plays video. I think requested TV and video podcast episodes should appear grouped together in my media listing on any service. Getting to my content should be as easy as going to a single page listing of all my DVR recordings in the old paradigm. This blending of DVR recordings is not unlike a possible list of subscribed and downloaded video podcasts that come in daily or weekly. These just show up in a list with my DVR recordings all on the same screen/page to offer an easy to find my media experience.

    The other key growth area for podcasts is around the often forgotten area of audio podcasts, which I believe is still a very large part of podcasting and is at root where the majority of the content is today. Audio podcasts need to be easily available in the most obvious and heavily audio usage area and that is the car. Today, getting audio podcasts to play in the car is not that hard, but is a pain to do. I also think with the dangers of handling gadgets while driving, the opportunity to better integrate podcasts access, download and playback into car audio systems is key. This is another cloud-based opportunity and one that could be setup outside of the car and then the car just gets the content and plays it via 3G, 4G, LTE or even WIFI at the home.

    Many still think that the name podcast is a bad and must be changed, but I think it is way past the point that it makes any sense to change the name. Far too many people know it as podcasting and we cannot go back now. The key is to evolve the platform and take the technical aspects out of the mix and get the great content easily available in the places and on the devices that makes it the easiest to find, get and consume. I think podcasting is on that track as video podcasts are part of Windows 7 Media Center and Zune podcasts on the new Windows Phone 7 and KIN devices will easily connect to car entertainment systems. Clearly, we are on the track to connecting with podcast users in better ways, but we have a ways to go in the car to make a better system for podcasts.

    One last thought, we may also see audio and video podcasts being more blended in with regular download TV and Movie store experiences. This could blend the two worlds together as one day these all could just be called Video and Audio again and not really have to use special terms like podcasts to describe them. Thanks for reading.

    I will soon post my thoughts on podcast monetization opportunities and issues.

    Rob Greenlee: I am currently a Business Manager, Podcast Marketplace at Microsoft's Xbox Live. Former nationally syndicated WebTalk World Radio Show/Podcast host. I currently make guest appearances on "The Saturday Morning Tech Show" and Zune Insider Podcast. I am a Guinness Book of World Record Holder for building the World's Largest Glass or Orange Juice and am an early owner of a 100% Electric Car: 2011 Nissan Leaf.

  • Today's Tips
  • Today's Tip On the Opportunity Worth Checking

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    • Today's Tip On the Opportunity Worth Checking
      Become a Best Seller Book in 90 Days!
    • Today's Tip On Tool Worth Getting
      Don't Be an UN-Disciplined Trader For Another Day...
    • Today's Hot Tip
      Convert your existing articles into traffic-sucking videos


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