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Volume 12, Issue No 6, Circulation: under revision, 25th March 2012
Next Issue: 8th April 2012

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  • Today's Feature Article
  • 10 Winning Strategies for Mobile Marketing
    Sarah Russell

    With the dramatic increase of cell phone and smart phone users around the world, it’s pretty safe to say that if you aren’t using mobile marketing, you’re missing out on a huge potential revenue stream! Here’s how to implement a winning mobile marketing strategy for your casino affiliate business:

    Tip #1 – Keep it Brief. Whether you decide to deploy an SMS message or create an app to promote your website, keep in mind that mobile users are on the go. Promotions should include a sense of urgency, but must be able to be digested and acted upon within a few minutes.

    Tip #2 – To QR, or Not to QR? If your company uses any kind of print media, adding QR codes to your materials is a must to drive mobile user engagement. If your company advertises exclusively online, skip this strategy.

    Tip #3 – Offer a Coupon or Incentive. Not exactly ground- breaking stuff, but you should never underestimate the power of a good deal. If your casino program allows affiliates to offer discounts as an incentive, be sure your prospects know about it!

    Tip #4 – Don’t Spam. Tests of SMS marketing show the highest conversion rates when messages are sent 2-3 times per month. Send more than that and you’ll risk coming across as a scammer.

    Tip #5 – Be Consistent. Mobile marketing is most effective when it’s integrated with other advertising channels, so be sure that your visual branding and ad copy remain consistent across your different advertisements.

    Tip #6 – Test Different Channels. Mobile marketing is a pretty big umbrella term, and you won’t know which type of mobile marketing – whether SMS messages, custom apps or advertisements within apps – are most effective for your business until you test them all.

    Tip #7 – Engage Your Prospects. Ask your ad recipients to check in at a certain location, take a picture of something specific or film themselves in action in order to complete a promotion. Getting people involved makes your ad more real and involved, resulting in higher redemption rates.

    Tip #8 – Don’t Forget Your Call to Action. Mobile marketing messages should encourage the reader to do something specific, right away. If you aren’t asking your prospects to engage immediately, your message will likely be forgotten.

    Tip #9 – Use a “Text to Win” Promotion. Encourage your prospects to opt-in to your SMS list by offering a special promotion or incentive, such as a gift card or free play at an affiliate casino. This will have to come out of your budget, but it’ll be worth it if you can monetize your new subscriber list effectively.

    Tip #10 – Keep Evolving. Mobile marketing is always changing as new technology is released. Even a year ago, the advertising platforms that place messages within apps weren’t nearly as robust as they are now. So be sure to stay on top of changes in the market in order to get the greatest possible benefit from your mobile marketing campaign!

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  • Today's Tip On the Opportunity Worth Checking

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    Featured Article
    10 Winning Strategies for Mobile Marketing Sarah Russell

    Today's Tips

    • Today's Tip On the Opportunity Worth Checking
      Visit Social Media World Forum!
    • Today's Tip On Tool Worth Getting
      Want To Reach Mobiles? Get This!
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      Need Profitable Business Ideas? Try here!


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